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Get residential roof replacement in Pittsburgh, PA. With over 6 years of expertise, CNS Construction offers durable, efficient roofing solutions designed for Pittsburgh’s climate.

We’re dedicated to creating roofs that protect and enhance your home using high-quality Owens Corning shingles.

Imagine a roof crafted for your family’s safety and designed to last. Contact (724)913-2665 to schedule your consultation with Pittsburgh’s residential roof replacement specialists.

Why Residents Choose Our Pittsburgh Roofing Company

At CNS Construction, our family-owned and operated business takes pride in creating a customer service experience as solid as our roofs. Here’s why we’ve stood out for over six years:

Choose us for a roofing experience that combines professionalism with the warmth and attentiveness of a family business.

CNS Roof Replacement

Our Roof Replacement Services

Roof Replacement for Your Pittsburgh Home

CNS Construction is a trusted Pittsburgh roofing company offering roof replacements. We know your home is your family’s sanctuary, filled with precious memories. As your roofing contractors, we promise peace of mind with our top-notch roof repair and replacement services, designed just for Pittsburgh homes. Our team ensures your roofing experience is smooth, with careful repairs and new roofs that keep your home safe and looking great.

CNS Construction is here to help with your busy schedule. We offer a clear, easy process and open communication, making us a top choice in Pittsburgh. We focus on your home’s look and roof’s long life, choosing strong materials and installing them perfectly. We’re committed to a worry-free service, offering free estimates and ensuring your Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home is well-protected for the future.

Signs You Should Replace Your Roof

Signs that your roof needs replacing include visible sagging, extensive leaking, missing or damaged shingles, and age exceeding 20 years. If you notice these issues, particularly after several roof repairs, it’s time to contact a roofing contractor. Professional roofing services offer roof repair and replacement to safeguard your home.

An experienced roofing contractor will assess your roof’s condition and recommend the best course of action. Don’t wait for minor issues to become major problems. Engaging with a reputable roofing contractor ensures your roof remains in top condition, protecting your home against the elements.

CNS Roof Replacement

Best Time to Replace Your Roof in Pittsburgh

The ideal time for a roof replacement in PA, particularly in the Pittsburgh area, is during spring or fall. These seasons offer the perfect weather conditions for roofing contractors to perform their best work. Whether it’s for a roof repair or a full replacement, it’s essential to choose a professional roofing service. We offer a free estimate to help you understand the scope and cost of your project. Engaging a trusted roofing contractor ensures your roofing needs are met efficiently and effectively, minimizing disruption to your home and maximizing the lifespan of your roof.

Residential Roof Installation Services

We offer roof installation services tailored to your home’s roofing needs. Our services include:

  • Shingle Installation: Long-lasting, versatile, and aesthetically diverse to match your home’s style.
  • Metal Roof Installation: Durable, energy-efficient, and available in various styles, like the sleek standing seam metal roof.
  • Flat Roof Installation: Perfect for modern aesthetics with practical advantages for space utilization.
  • Roof Flashing Installation: Essential for preventing water penetration and protecting the integrity of your roof.

Trust us to deliver top-notch Pittsburgh roof installation services that stand the test of time.


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Roof Repair and Inspection

Keep your roof in peak condition with CNS Construction’s roof repair services. We also offer roof inspection as part of routine maintenance. Whether you are addressing unexpected damage or need regular maintenance, our roofing contractors ensure your roof remains a reliable protector against the elements.

Storm Damage Repairs

When fierce storms hit Pittsburgh, the expertise of seasoned roofing contractors becomes invaluable to restore the safety and integrity of your home swiftly. Our team of roofing experts specializes in storm damage repairs, ensuring a meticulous restoration process that brings your system back to its pre-storm condition. Trust in our dedicated roofers at CNS Construction to provide responsive, thorough, and high-quality service that secures your home against the elements and brings you peace of mind.

Owens Corning Roofing Systems

We provide a range of roofing systems designed for the Pittsburgh climate:

  • Pitched Roofs: Classic, durable, and effective at shedding rain and snow.
  • Flat Roofs: Contemporary design with functional benefits, including easier maintenance.
  • Green Roofing: Eco-friendly options that reduce your carbon footprint and enhance insulation.
  • Multi-Family Roofs: Tailored solutions for multi-unit dwellings, emphasizing longevity and low maintenance.
  • HOA-Approved Roofs: We navigate homeowners association guidelines to deliver compliant, high-quality roofing.
CNS Roofing

Frequently Asked Questions

When it’s time for an installation, CNS Construction is your go-to expert in Pittsburgh, PA. Our roof installation services cover everything from metal roof replacement to the precision of roof flashing installation. With our roof replacement company near you, you’re not just getting a roof but investing in a commitment to excellence and community reputation. As one of the best roofing companies, we guarantee satisfaction and durability.

Why should I choose Pittsburgh's roofing contractors for roof installation?

Choosing a local contractor from Pittsburgh ensures that you work with experts who understand the specific roofing challenges and weather conditions unique to the area. Pittsburgh’s roofing contractors bring specialized knowledge, experience, and a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction to every project, whether it’s a minor repair or a complete installation.

How do I know when it's time to replace my roof rather than just repair it?

Knowing when to replace your roof involves assessing several factors, including its age, the extent of damage, and the cost of repairs versus replacement. If your roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, experiences frequent leaks, or has significant damage, replacement might be the most cost-effective and long-term solution. Consulting with a professional roofer can help you make an informed decision.

What are the advantages of choosing asphalt shingles for my roof repairs in Pittsburgh?

Asphalt shingles offer a cost-effective and durable solution for roof repairs, providing excellent weather resistance and a wide range of style options to match the aesthetic of Pittsburgh homes.

How do metal roofs compare to traditional shingle roofs regarding longevity and maintenance?

Metal roofs boast superior longevity, often lasting 40-70 years with minimal maintenance, compared to traditional shingle roofs, which can require more frequent repairs over their 15-30-year lifespan.

Can I overlay my existing shingle roof with new asphalt shingles, or is a full replacement necessary?

While overlaying an existing shingle roof with new asphalt shingles is possible and can be cost-effective, a full replacement is often recommended to address storm damage and to ensure the roof’s long-term integrity and performance.





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