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What Type of Decking is Best for You?

Our deck contractors are more than comfortable building decks with all decking types and it’s important to understand what type of decking is best suited to your unique Pittsburgh backyard project! There are several things to consider what type of decking may be best suited to your Pittsburgh backyard deck. First, what would you like your Pittsburgh deck to look like? Does the area where you are planning to build your deck get lots of Sun, or is there a lot of shade? Will it have exposure to water (are you building a deck around a swimming pool for example)? Are you looking for low maintenance decking solutions?

Your options vary depending on your needs. Below we will discuss some of the options available for your Pittsburgh PA, backyard project. You can go with wood decking, composite decking, plastic decking or aluminum decking. You can also go with patio solutions.

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Wood Decking

Are you looking for a natural look for your Pittsburgh Deck? Look no further than wood decking. Wood decking is the original decking material used for building decks. Most often, wood decking is pressure-treated pine. There are more expensive options however for your Pittsburgh deck however. These include cedar decking, redwood decking and even tropical decking options. Wood decking is incredibly versatile due to the fact that you can stain a wood deck. Due to this, your options are nearly limitless when it comes to wood decking. Wood decking holds up well if you make sure to stain it every few seasons. With proper care and maintenance, your wood deck can last a long time! Wood decking options vary greatly from 200-1100 dollars per 100 Square feet. Though some options can be much more.

Composite Decking

We use composite decking to create stunning decks worthy of the neighborhood’s best backyard parties. Composite decking is a fantastic option if your looking for beautiful decking that’s just a bit more cost-effective. Though it doesn’t come with the same array of color options that wood decking offers, there are still many colors to choose from. Composite decking is a combination of plastic and wood fiber. Some composite decking options can even be stained to give you even more options when it comes to aesthetics. Composite decking can be less slip-resistant than other decking options when yet and they can be more susceptible to sagging over time. This is due to its higher density and therefore weight.

Plastic Decking

Plastic decking could be a great option for your home, offering the best resistance to the elements without staining. Choices include polyethene and PVC. It’s a great lightweight decking option. Some plastic decking can appear ‘cheap’ compared to other decking solutions. They can be slippery and some can change color more over time than stained wood decking. Plastic decking is a great option for your Pittsburgh home because it resists the elements and stands up to weather without the ongoing maintenance that other decking options require. Though, depending on your budget and options, some plastic decking can appear ‘cheap’ compared to wood and composite decking. Plastic decking can fade in color over time with consistent sun exposure and can be slippery in wet conditions.

Aluminum Decking

Aluminum decking is becoming more popular for Pittsburgh commercial projects because it offers a distinct style at a price that can help fit your budget. Of course, it can also be used for residential Pittsburgh decking projects. Aluminum decking is tough, rigid and offers excellent slip resistance in the rain. Many options include interlocking segments which suit commercial projects well. It is worth mentioning that no one will be mistaking it for wood or other more traditional decking material. So, if you’re looking for something different aluminum decking could be what you’re looking for for your Pittsburgh deck project.

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